In the first instance please contact the Provincial Grand Recorder:

V Wy Bro Barry G Hurst, PGReg
6 Mandeville Way

Tel: 01245 441325


Conclaves in The Province


Conclave Number Meeting Place Meeting Dates
Earl of Warwick 29 Upminster 4F2; 2Th6; 3W12(I)
Britannic Conclave of Madeira 85 Southend 4W2 (I), 1W7, 4Tue11
Essex Quadrant 149 Chingford 1M2; 1F6; 1F12(I)
Upminster 263 Upminster 4W6; 1M9; 1F11 (I)
Wickford Bon Accord 267 Southend 2Th1; 1W3(I); 1W8
Anglia 288 Braintree 2Th1; 4Th4; 2Th9(I)
North Essex 300 Old Harlow 4Th4,6,10(i)
Essex Provincial Grand Officers’ 360 Braintree 1W6(I); 4W11
Langdon Hills 415 Orsett 4Th1; 1Th5(I); 4Th9
Edwin George Gregory White 428 Wivenhoe & Clare (July only) 1W4(I); 1F7; 3W10
Barry Clarke 451 Chelmsford 3 Th5(I), 7, 2Th9
Benaiah 460 Southend 3Sa3(I); 1Sa12


The Secret Monitor was originally an American side degree conferred by a Mason on another. It came to the United Kingdom around 1875. A Grand Council was formed in 1887 when the ritual was added to and became three degrees, namely Secret Monitor, Prince and Supreme Ruler.